Frequently Asked Questions
This country was set up with representative government. Currently, this could not be further from the truth. Sadly, our vote does not matter. Congressmen vote according to the Party and Special Interest, not the “will” of the people. As your Senator, I will cast my vote in accordance with the desire of the majority of Californians. How arrogant are politicians to think their view and the party line trump the will of the constituents they are sworn to represent. The system is broken, let’s fix it!
Democracy 2.0 is a secure website designed to inform voters, making voting easy. Each voter will have a secure portal they can log in to at any time and see every bill to be voted in the Senate. Each bill would have a break down of both sides of the issue, as well as potential costs and benefits. The voters can then decide how I, their U.S. Senator, should vote. As soon as your virtual ballot is cast, you will see real time polling results for California. The system will allow for complete transparency and accountability. The majority vote of California is the way the Senate vote will be cast, every time!
The bills are complicated, but come with a non-partisan summary from both the Congressional Budget Office and The Government Office of Accountability. Additionally, the Library of Congress Research Service can provide a simplified, understandable summary. In addition, there will be links to both parties’ positions, as well as videos (3-5 minutes) with experts on both sides of the issue allowing you to make an informed decision.
Shouldn’t a Senator in a democratic government represent their constituents? I will, every time. I want to be the representative for the people. Voting for me takes the influence away from the Political Parties, Special Interests and PAC’s, and puts the power back in your hands.
You choose your level of involvement. You can vote on every issue, or choose those that are most important to you. The web portal will allow you to decide what issues you feel strongest and must have your voice heard. Any time a Bill regarding your issues is coming before the Senate, you will be sent a text, email or phone call advising you. This allows you the opportunity to log on; having your voice heard and your vote count.
If there is a vote coming to the floor that does not allow enough time for the voters to weigh in, I will abstain from the vote. These type of votes are usually a political maneuver to bypass the system. These types of votes are part of the manipulative process and represent what is wrong with the current bipartisan broken system. This would allow for more transparency and fairness to my constituents.
That is the box I checked when I registered to vote at age 18. I think both parties are equally corrupt and do not represent the people. We have allowed the wedge issues and political vitriol to distract us from the goal of making America truly great again. I think we all can agree that we want lower taxes, a lower national debt, a safe country and a strong economy. We can disagree on how to achieve those goals, but the Founding Fathers saw the purpose of Government to “Provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and ensure the blessings of liberty.” That should be our focus.
Sadly, your vote doesn’t matter. You’ve been wasting your vote for years! However, electing me for Senate ensures your voice will actually matter…on every proposed bill. Isn’t it time to make your vote actually count? Americans are frustrated with our current political systems. The parties don’t truly represent the average American. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders polling clearly illustrates that Americans are unhappy with the job our government is doing. Both parties are at fault. They are more concerned with blaming the other side and consolidating their power, than their job of representing our country. “Compromise” has become a bad word and as a result, we get the worst that both parties have to offer. Americans are disgruntled they don’t have any power and are voiceless in the process. Let’s change the system! I think we all want to have our voice heard and know our vote counts. The reason that political discourse has gotten so confrontational is because people are angry and feel powerless. Be a part of the change. If you vote for either a Democrat or a Republican, aren’t you just voting for more of the status quo? If this works, it can be replicated anywhere. Doesn’t that provide the incentive for politicians to reevaluate how they are failing to represent their constituents. It also provides an option for replacing politicians. Maybe then, they will actually start doing their job of representing the People.
Absentee Ballot – Click Here Requesting an Absentee Ballot makes voting easy and impossible to forget. You fill out the form and the State of California sends the Ballot directly to your home, well before the election. You vote at your own convenience and then mail it back. Your vote gets counted. Done. No having to find your polling place or having to leave your house. No excuse not to vote. The best part is once you sign up, the Absentee Ballot is sent for every subsequent election. Voting made easy!
The first legislation I would propose is that Congressman do NOT get lifetime pay! Currently, every Congressman who serves 2 terms gets that pay for the rest of their life. This is what happens when you let the politicians vote themselves a raise. The Bill would also require Congress get insurance through the ACA (Obama Care), as well as pay into Social Security, just like the rest of America. I’m sure they would be a lot more concerned if the laws affected them just like the average American! How can millionaires relate to those of us who have to work to survive? Bi-annually, I would send out a survey of the issues Californian’s feel are most important. If the majority of the State feels strongly on an issue, we will craft a bill that specifically addresses that issue. The proposed bill would then be sent out to the voters for their feedback and to be refined.
What I think is irrelevant, because my vote counts exactly the same as you. There are two sides to an issue and solutions are often complex. People can disagree on an issue and both be right. I do not want to get sidetracked by these wedge issues, as the only way to fix the problem is to focus on changing the system. Voting in the Senate, I defer to the People of California and their position. This allows total transparency and accountability. The alternative is to vote for a career Politician and then allow them to use your voice for their views and what their Party wants?
There is no option other than the two political parties. It takes so much money to get elected, they become beholden to the Party, Donors and Special Interest; and are no longer there to serve their constituents. My campaign will be through social media and I will not accept donation. This will not be grass roots, but rather the roots of democracy. George Washington said that “When money talks, Democracy has no voice.”
Most importantly- Vote! Tell your friends and family about this unique campaign Follow on Social media, and share with your contacts