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Democracy 2.0 Voting Portal

The Official Explanation and Demo of the Democracy 2.0 voting portal. Designed for the Von Hougo U.S. Senate Campaign, the portal will ensure complete transparency and accountability of California's elected U.S. Senator

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Campaign Platform - "Democracy 2.0"

Von Hougo's U.S. Senate Platform. "Democracy 2.0" is an online voting portal that allows all registered California voters to voice their opinion on any bill going before the U.S. Senate.

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Von Hougo Senate Platform

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Von Hougo's Senate less than one minute!

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How To Fix The Political System

How the Political Power can move from Special Interest back to “We the People”

Congress has a 9% approval rating, but a 91% re-election rate. Why? There is no viable alternative. We vote for the party that will do the least damage, not the party we think represents us. People of California, what if we had a US Senator, who set up a website that allowed every registered California voter to create an account and vote on every issue that comes before the Senate, and then voted the will of the people he is supposed to represent. That is precisely what I will do, if I am elected the US Senator from the great State of California in 2016. Be part of the movement. Share this with your friends, and let's bring the true power back to "We the People."

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Our Political Mess

Our elected officials don't represent the average American. Republican's represent the far right, and Democrats represent the far left. Most American's are in the middle and is voiceless. What if a US Senator actually represented the voice of their constituents? By using technology to find out how their constituents wanted and then voted that way. Bypass the power of Unions, Special Interests, Political Parties and PACs. Von Hougo for US Senator form the State of California 2016.

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Arroyo Seco Teacher Inspiring Students

8th graders at Arroyo Seco Junior High are inspired by Von Hougo, a Santa Clarita teacher as he runs a "long-shot" bid for one of California's U.S. Senate seats.

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What if Kids Acted like Congressmen Series

If Kids acted Like Congressmen- Collaboration

Taking a look at the behavior of Congressmen through the eyes of kids makes one realize how preposterous their behavior is. The ability to work together is the focus of his sketch.

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If Kids acted Like Congressmen- Public Service

The reason we elect officials is so to represent us. The second installment of "If Kids acted like Congressmen" looks at how they view their job. Sadly, representing their constituents no longer seems to be their priority.

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If Kids acted like Congressmen- Forward Thinking

"If Kids acted like Congressmen" points out the reality of our elected officials. Far too often, they get into office, start fundraising for the next election or looking toward their next political goal, rather than representing their constituents. Isn't that why they were elected in the first place.

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If Kids acted like Congressmen- Control

The Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United allowed unlimited election donations by individuals and corporations. This created more politically powerful PACs (Political Action Committees), further removing the voice from "We the People."

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