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Make every citizens vote count every time through the Democracy 2.0 voting portal.

Democracy 2.0 creates transparency and accountability, ensuring the majority vote of Californians is how I will vote every time.

I am running a no donation campaign, so that I am beholden to no one except the voters of California.

Technology has made the world smaller and more connected, yet we are further from our elected representatives than ever before. Democracy 2.0 is a secure website where every registered voter has a portal. Each bill coming before the U.S. Senate will have a simplified summary with the pros, cons, benefits and cost analysis. Voters can then cast their virtual ballot and instantly see how it is polling statewide. The majority vote of Californians is how I will cast my vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate... every time.

Voters can specify their level of involvement by choosing the issues that they care about most. Any time a bill involving those issues comes to the Senate, a text or email will be sent informing you of the bill. Every Californian can have their voice heard on every issue, rather than once every election cycle. Democracy 2.0 will truly be transparent and accountable while putting the power back into the hands of “we the people” where it belongs!


Congress has a 9% approval rating, yet a 91% reelection rate. Why? The simple reason is there is no viable alternative in our current broken two party system...UNTIL NOW!

The three things our Founding Fathers feared most were financial institutions having too much influence, career politicians and the parties (factions) becoming too strong. And here we are today! This no-donation campaign bypasses these issues while re-engaging voters in the political proces

We don’t vote for the politician that represents us, rather we vote for the one we think will do the least damage, and are often voting against the other party. The Republicans and Democrats both represent the far 15% of their base. I believe the other 70% fall in the middle, and vary conservative or liberal depending on the issue. No one represents this vast majority of American voters. The only time politicians pretend to care about our vote is when it is re-election time. Then they vote down party lines, completely ignoring the “will” of the people they are supposed to represent. Democracy 2.0 is designed to solve this problems.

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